Newsletter for Jan to March 2021

Welcome to our Human Resource Newsletter for the Third Quarter of this Financial Year 2021/2022 with a big welcome to you all!

Since the beginning of the year, the Human Resource section has been so busy with various activities including the welcoming of i) New Scholars and ii) current staff returning scholars, submitting the MOH PMS mid year assessment in February, conducting the HR mid-year retreat at Vakaloa resort reviewing the Human Resource Work Plan for the FY 2021/22, sent current scholarship recipients who were Repatriated on the 4/08/2020 to Fiji, conducting Job Description training for all Head of Division and Head of Sections in using the new PSC JD templates, update staff leave entitlements; conduct various interview of positions for appointment & promotions of staff; process Daily Paid and Professional contracts; processing confirmation of employment letters & reference letters of staff; also processing those leaving and retiring from service. These are the daily work and activities of the HR Section.

We also make sure that the HR staff are well looked after and groomed by introducing new initiatives such as conducting weekly Reading Clubs to enhance staff’s knowledge and building professional performances at work. Enhancing Physical fitness included cha-cha twice a day at work for 5 minutes and Tuesday evening one hour “Walk the Talk” at Sopu waterfront.

The HR team continues to inspire by our Vision of a “Thriving Workforce” and our Core Values of WARPEC enhancing everyone’s performance to attain the Mission and Vision of the Ministry of Health.