National Health Ethics and Research Committee



2         Final Reports Submitted;
The table below outlines all the Research studies reviewed by the NHERC that have been completed with their respective Final Reports submitted to the Secretariat of the NHERC. If you wish to read any of the final reports below, please file a request to the Secretariat of the NHERC for assistance at or
Physical Activity among adolescents in the Vava’u Island: Tonga.
Mr. Simon Larrson (Medical Student)
Dr. Reynold ‘Ofanoa
NCD, Physical Activity, Health Promotion, Exercise, Adolescents, Teenagers
What are the Normative, Perceived and Expressed Needs for Orthodontic Treatment amongst Tongan children aged 12 – 15 years old.
Nirmal Shal (Dental Student)
Dr. Susitina Piukala
Dental, Teeth, Orthodontic Needs, Children, Tonga
The Impact of Australian Sports Outreach Program in Tonga
Mr. Siosaia Langitoto
Mr. Sione Hufanga
Evaluation, Kau Mai Campaign, Health Promotion, Healthy Lifestyle, Intervention, Exercise, Physical Activity, Weight, NCD
The Impact of Cataract on Poverty
Dr. Judith McCool
Ms. Julienne Faletau (Masters Candidate)
Mrs. Mele Vuki
Cataract, Eyes, Ophthalmology, Disability, Poverty, Socioeconomic Status, Tonga, Impact Assessment.
Assessing Tongan smokers’ responses to Television advertisements about serious harms of tobacco use
Dr. ‘Ofa Tukia
Tobacco, Smoking, Lifestyle, Advertisement, Television, Impact Assessment, Health Promotion
Post-Mass Drug Administration Lymphatic Filariasis Transmission Assessment Survey.
Dr. Reynold ‘Ofanoa
Lymphatic Filariasis, Transmission, Elephantiasis, Filarial, Worms, Vector Disease, Infectious Disease, Mosquito, Public Health
Formative Research into barriers to participation in physical activity in the Pacific
Dr. Tom Carroll
Dr. ‘Ofa Tukia
Mr. ‘Eva Mafi
Barriers, Participation, Physical Activity, Sports, Healthy Lifestyle, Health Promotion, Pacific, Formative, Perceptions, Marketing, Pacific
Giving Birth: The Voices of Tongan Women in Tonga and the United States
Mrs. Shelly J. Reed
Sr. ‘Ana Kavaefiafi
Mrs. Meliame Tupou
Childbirth, Pregnancy, Women, Female, Baby, Infant, Tonga, United States of America, Comparison.
Dentition Status and treatment needs of Down’s Syndrome individuals attending ‘Ofa Tu’i moe ‘Amanaki and ‘Alonga Residential Center’s specialized institutions in Nuku’alofa Tongatapu
Ms. Mele Likivai Foliaki (BDS 4th Dental student).
Dr. ‘Amanaki Fakakovikaetau
Dental, Teeth, Dentition, Oral Health, Down Syndrome, Disability, Treatment Needs, Tonga, Mental Health
Periodontal status and treatment needs of Down’s Syndrome individuals attending two specialized institutions in Nuku’alofa Tongatapu.
Mr. James Heimuli (BDS 4th Dental student).
Dr. ‘Amanaki Fakakovikaetau
Dental, Teeth, Dentition, Oral Health, Down Syndrome, Disability, Treatment Needs, Tonga, Mental Health
Prevalence and Factors contributing to Obesity among Tongan High School senior students in 2015
Ms. Litia ‘Ahoafi
Mr. Napolioni Vulakouvaki (Supervisor)
NCD, Prevalence, Risk Factors, Adolescent, Student, High School, Obesity, BMI, Senior Student, Secondary School, Tonga
12 190315.1 The Prevalence of Chlamydia among pregnant 
Dr. Louise Fonua
Dr. Veisinia Matoto
Chlamydia, Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI), Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD), Sexual Health, Maternal Health, Pregnant Women, Tonga, Lifestyle, Behaviors.
13 190315.4 A Qualitative study exploring Tongan nurses' perspectives of the 'Advanced Nursing Diploma in the Prevention, Detection and Management of NCD'
Ms. Kieh Christopherson Dunn
Sr. ‘Ana Kavaefiafi
Evaluation, Nurses, Perceptions, NCD, Education, Training, Diploma Program, Tonga, Ministry of Health, Qualitative
14 190315.3 The extent to which changes in culture and lifestyle in particular health, exercise, diet, have had an impact on Tongan society
Ms. Jacinta Forde
Mr. Fa’aui Taumalolo
Culture, Lifestyle, Impact, NCD, Health Promotion, Healthy Lifestyle, Tonga, Society, Anthropology
15 150414 Non-communicable disease-related disability research in the Pacific Islands: Tonga component
Dr. Wendy Snowden
Mr. Sione Pouliva’ati
NCD, Disability, Stroke, Amputation, Blindness, Rehabilitation, Tonga, Multi-country.
16 181115 The Clinical Effect of Short Spin Cross Match (Immediate Spin) Cross-match and Complete Match Red Cells Transfused to patients in Vaiola Hospital Mr. Semisi Lenati Laboratory, Cross Match, Immediate Spin, Comparison, Red Cells, Transfusion, Full Match Blood, AHG Test
17 310516

Use of Traditional Medicinal Plants by Patients

Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Mellitus in Vaiola Hospital, Tongatapu, Tonga.

Ms. Mita Vaka

Traditional Medicine Plants, Tonga, Patients Diagnosed, Diabetes Mellitus
18 080616 Patient Satisfaction towards Pharmaceutical services provided in Vaiola Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy, Tonga. Ms. Fisi’inukonuka Talanoa Pharmaceutical services, Tonga, Vaiola Hospital, Patient Satisfactory