National Health Ethics and Research Committee


Current Members of the NHERC as of January 2017

1. Chairperson                                                     Dr. Lisiate ‘Ulufonua
Medical Superintendent
2. Secretary                                                        Mr. Sioape Kupu/Mr. Va'inga Tone
Health Research Officer
3. Clinical Representative                                    Dr. Leiukamea Saafi
CMO Clinical Services
4. Nursing Representative                                   Sr. Pinomi Lātu
Infection Control Nurse
5. Nursing School Representative                        Sr. Tilema Cama
Principal of the Queen Sālote School of Nursing (QSSN)
6. Dental Representative                                      Dr. ‘Amanaki Fakakovikaetau
Chief Dental Officer
7. Public Health Representative                             Dr. Reynold ‘Ofanoa
CMO Public Health
8. Health Information Representative                     Mr. Sione Hufanga
Principal Health Planning Officer
9. Community Representative                               Still Pending Appoinment
Ministry of Internal Affairs
10. Community Representative                             Mrs. Tupousilia Tonga/Ms.Fono-ki-moana Hola
Prime Minister’s Officer
11. Community Representative                              Still Pending Appointment
Ministry of Education and Training

The Two Community Representatives are pending new allocations.

Support Staff:                                                               Mrs. ‘Eu’ese Fetokai

Each member of the NHERC is chosen based on their respective specialized fields and the current job post. If a chosen member is too busy, he/she can allocate another suitable representative from their Division/Section to be a full-time member of part-time member.

NHERC Documents

Operational Guidelines

The Operational Guidelines for the NHERC was developed to help provide structure on how the functions and operations of the NHERC are carried out. Based on the document Operational Guidelines for Ethics Committees That Review Biomedical Research (2000) by the W.H.O the Guideline was contextualized to how the Ministry of Health runs and operates its Committees. Developed by the Health Research Officer in 2014 the Operational Guideline was approved by the NHDC in early 2015 and helps guide the NHERC on how to review the proposals that come through the Ministry of Health.

If you wish to access the Operational Guideline, please request a copy from the NHERC Secretary.

NHERC Annual Reports

[NHERC Annual Report 2014]

[NHERC Annual Report 2015]

[NHERC Annual Report 2016]