Research Proposal

You want to conduct Research? You have come to the right place.

Researchers or Institutions intending to conduct health research involving the Ministry of Health and concerning the health of the people of Tonga as a whole are required to fill and submit the Research Application R1[linked below] (in English) to the appointed Health Research Officer [ or ]. If you wish to submit a hard-copy please submit it personally to the Administration Building at Room 1.04/1.05.

[Application Form R1].

Research proposals must be submitted with all the necessary supplementary information. Depending on the nature of your study and where relevant, documents include informed consent forms, information sheets, interview questionnaires/schedule, details of pharmaceuticals/technological devices, ethics approval from your respective country’s ethics committee to name a few.

Please note all research proposals must be approved by the National Health Ethics and Research Committee (NHERC) before commencement of your research study/project within the Kingdom of Tonga. For foreign researchers, having your research proposal endorsed by your country’s respective Ethics Committee would be beneficial.

The Research Process takes around 2-3 months to review and approve, so please plan your submission accordingly unless your research is of an undergraduate nature in which some cases it may be eligible for an expedited review. The dates of the NHERC meetings are flexible but the Committee is meant to meet once every quarter or bi-monthly.

For further details on the Research process feel free to contact the Secretariat of the National Health Ethics and Research Committee (NHERC): or or call (+676) 28-233 Extension 1424.