Malo-e-lelei and thank you for visiting our websiteblush.You have come to the spectacular RESEARCH SECTION, so allow me to elaborate on what we do.

The Research and Evaluation section of the Ministry of Health was recently revived back in 2014 and is currently working under the umbrella of the Health Planning and Information Division, so the Section is relatively new. We are currently located at the Administration Building, should you wish to visit us, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Mission: The Research and Evaluation Section is responsible for effectively and efficiently managing, monitoring, developing and implementing health-related research activities and projects of and involving the Ministry of Health.

Core functions: The Research and Evaluation Section is limited to some basic functions but envisions to provide more research and evaluation activities and functions in the near future, granted more staff are recruited.

The Section is currently;

  1. Managing and monitoring all research proposals/applications submitted to the Ministry of Health;
  2. Providing Secretariat for the National Health Ethics and Research Committee which reviews and approves research proposals;
  3. Developing health research policy;
  4. Strengthening the research capacity of the Ministry of Health;
  5. Identifying health research needs of the Ministry of Health;
  6. Building and supporting relations and collaborations with sections, divisions, organizations both locally, regionally and internationally in promoting and developing research;
  7. Responsible for the Management and Development of the Cancer Registry within the Ministry of Health.

The section strives to promote and support high quality health research and the development of the Ministry of Health and its staffs’ research capacity to its utmost potential. The implications and benefits of research in developing countries including Tonga are massive and stands to assist in decision-making processes, improve evidence-based health practices, identify cost-effective interventions and increase knowledge and understanding on different aspects of health for everyone’s benefit.

The section hopes to be conducting research for the Ministry of Health independently and to evaluate existing programmes and practices for a more effective and efficient means of health service delivery.




There are currently three staff under the Research Section:
Mr. Sioape F. K. Kupu
Health Research Officer Graduate
Cert. PH *Fiji School of Medicine, BHSC *University of Auckland, PGDip. PH (Distinction) *University of Auckland.


Mr. Sioape Kupu was recruited by the Ministry of Health in the beginning of 2014 and was tasked with the challenge of trying to revive the Research Section to a standard that would help the Ministry move forward in achieving its Vision and Mission. Mr. Kupu comes from a Health Science and Public Health background and is a graduate from the University of Auckland and since coming to the Ministry has gone to many different workshops involving Research and Cancer Registration. It has been quite the adventure. His passion to helping Tonga’s Health System develop into an equitable, effective and efficient system is unparalleled to his dream of helping Tonga’s people have the healthy status they deserve, whether it be indirectly from the background.

Aspirations for the Section (For Now):

  • To develop the Research Section to the point that Tonga becomes one of the leading island countries producing trailblazing research rivalling international standards – having a Tongan Health Research Journal.
  • To fight Cancer through the development of a Population-based Cancer Registry for Tonga.

Mrs. ‘Eu’ese Fetokai
Computer Operator Grade III


Mrs. ‘Eu’ese Fetokai started working in the Ministry of Health since 2000, first initiating as a Secretary for the Medical Superintendent (back then it was Dr. Taniela Palu). She then became the Secretary for the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in 2003-2011 and has worked with the likes of Sr. Lata Malu, Sr. ‘Ana Kavaefiafi and Sr. Sela Paasi. Mrs. Fetokai then moved here to the Health Planning and Information Division in 2012 and is responsible for the collection of cancer data and inputting it into the CanReg Database. Mrs. Fetokai is passionately playing her part in the fight against Cancer, playing an important role in registering cancer cases. She is currently aiming to complete her studies.

Aspirations for the Section (For Now):

  • To complete her studies to further increase her knowledge and capacity to assist in building her capabilities with work.
  • To play a part in the fight against Cancer and reduce the burden the disease places on Tonga’s people and health system.


Mr. Va'inga Tone
Health Research Officer Reliever
Mr. Va’inga Tone is currently a daily-paid Health Research Officer for the Research Section. Having recently transferred from the Administration Division in 2017, Mr. Tone worked at the Corporate Services and Human Resources for 6 months processing leaves and handling customer services. With a sparkling personality, Mr. Tone brings a breath of fresh air to the Section. A diligent and loyal worker, Mr. Tone studied at the University of the South Pacific and hopes to maintain the standards the Section has set.

Aspirations for the future

  •  Maintain and uphold the Research Section standards and expectations while learning and developing myself as an individual to be a reliable and loyal employee.
  •  To be AWESOME!
Contact details.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact me at the following;

Mr. Sioape F.K.Kupu                       Mrs.'Eu'ese Fetokai
Health Research Officer Graduate     Computer Operator Grade III
Ministry of Health Tonga                  Ministry of Health Tonga
Phone: 28233 ext:1424                     ext: 1427
Mr. Va'inga Tone
Health Research Officer Reliever
Ministry of Health Tonga
Personal Email: vaingatonejr1@gmail.com
Phone: 28233 ext:1427